When a facility ships contaminated laundry off-site to a second facility which does not utilize Universal Precautions in the handling of all laundry, the facility generating the contaminated laundry must place such laundry in bags or containers which are labeled or color-coded in accordance with paragraph (g)(1)(i).

"MediCleanse supplies the appropriate laundry bags for your convenience."


Warning labels shall be affixed to containers of regulated waste, refrigerators and freezers containing blood or other potentially infectious material; and other containers used to store, transport or ship blood or other potentially infectious materials, except as provided in paragraph (g)(1)(i)(E), (F) and (G).

"MediCleanse Biohazard Labeled Laundry Bag is designed specifically for healthcare linen."


Labels required by the section shall include the following legend:


"MediCleanse Biohazard Labeled Laundry Bag features the above legend."


These labels shall be fluorescent orange or orange-red or predominantly so, with lettering and symbols in contrasting color.

"MediCleanse biohazard Labeled Laundry Bag features an orange label with Black lettering and symbols."


Labels shall be affixed as close as feasible to the container by string, wire, adhesive, or other method that prevents their loss or unintentional removal.

"MediCleanse contaminated linen bags have the biohazard label printed directly onto its fluid resistant bags."

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